Enjoy a concert with wind,trees and stars.
Play, create and experiece the joy of heartwarming music.
Now we go to find music of great nature.

On ROBA's performances, you will see wonderous musical instruments which you may have not seen (for instance, medieval and renaissance instruments, instruments from all over the world, and also hand-made instruments). There will be songs, instrumental music, and masque plays, which guarantee you your good time and a lot of fun. Among early instruments, the recorder is the most well known, but there are lutes, bagpipes, psaltery, crumhorn, and more and more to introduce you. Also, ethnic instruments from different parts of the world, the hand-made instruments we invented, and anything around us that makes sound, we call them "Garan-pi".
Not only children, but also adults fully enjoy ROBA's stages, which is just like popped out from an old picture book.
ROBA MUSIC THEATRE is highly acclaimed of its concerts for families, as well as its performaces in primary school, kindergartens, and children's theatre.



  1. 1982 ROBA MUSIC THEATRE was founded by Garyuu Matsumoto and Tessei Ueno, the main charactor of CATHERINA EARLY MUSIC CONSORT, to bring children dreams and imagination through music.1997
  2. 1984 "Fun Concert" first performed.
  3. 1991 Garan-pi-poron concert first performed.
  4. 1992 ROBAHOUSE architecture was completed. ROBAHOUSE Live started with variety of invited artists. Compact disc "Garan-pi-poron" released.
    Joint concert (with Yosuke YAMASHITA) "Mokeramokera" first performed. .
  5. 1995 "Jig's Imaginary concert" was first performed . Compact disc "Jig, imaginary ship" released.
  6. 1997 Performances in Early Music Festival in Romania.



  • Garyu MATSUMOTO Bagpipes, Crumhorns, Hurdy-Gurdy, Psaltery, voices etc
  • Tssey UENO Crumhorn, Psaltery, Saz, Lutes, Durbucca, voices, etc
  • Riguma TOMITA Portative Organ, Harmonium, Drums, voices, etc
  • Mafumi OMIYA Recorder, Folk flute, Bowed Psaltery, voices, etc
  • Kazuaki NAGAI Serpant, Recorder, Crumhorn, voices, etc
  • Christpher HARDY Percussions
  • Mizuko YOSHIDA Contrabass

(four to seven of the musicians participate depending on the contents of performances)


Works List

Fun Concert

ROBA MUSIC THEATRE's most popular programme, flexible to the age group of the audience, venue, and capacity of the venue. Awarded as the highly recommended cultural resorce by the commitee of children's welfare of the Ministry of Welfare.

Jig's Imaginary Concert

ROBA MUSIC THEATRE's work for big venue performance. Sound crosses between past and future on an imaginary boat. The very latest of the children's play.

Garan-pi Poron concert

The work that made ROBA MUSIC THEATRE famous throughout Japan.

Mokeramokera Concert (Yosuke YAMASHITA and ROBA MUSIC THEATRE)

Jazz pianist Yosuke Yamashita joins ROBA MUSIC THEATRE. The picture book "Mokeramokera" is reproduced into music and now performed as cross between Jazz and early instruments.